Common Coupon Misconceptions

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Reality is a sure sign

Being a Coupon Advertising company, we hear so many different ideas and thoughts on coupons, from consumers to business owners. Ask 10 people 1 question, and you can get 10 different answers. We would never dare to say that one idea is right or one is wrong, but rather, just reiterate the time that we live in. Our Reality, is a sure sign of where we are in our current economy. Times are hard so people have quit buying. Wait, don’t shoot me just yet, I didn’t say that people are no longer spending money, I simply said, they have quit buying. No one buys anything any more. No one is out there trying to sell something any more. Here is the reality:


People don’t want to buy, They Want to SAVE

Turn on the TV, commercial after commercial is about how much you can save, what a great deal so and so has or this, that and the other. Reality is, the mentality of our society has changed, will we adapt and change with it, or will small business USA get left behind? Wal-Mart gets it, so does Target, McDonalds, Burger King and every other large corporation out there. Pay attention to their Ad dollars and see what their current messages are. Here is another reality that rings so true, When given a choice, people will choose to go where they can save. So, are you giving them a reason to come to you? Remember not so long ago, when Social Media was a new fad? Now it is a crucial aspect to your online identity. If you haven’t gotten on board yet, you’ve missed the train. Daily Deals, BOGO’s may come and go, but the desire for people to save money, will not.


A Coupon is to bring a Customer in once,

and then they become a regular, full paying customer. Maybe 4 years ago, that theory worked. Not today. Remember what we just talked about, people want to go where they can Save, today, tomorrow, every day that they want to. Sure fast food is bad for you, but why are there always lines at the drive-thru? Well, convenience can be argued, but I argue, value. Savings. A Dollar Menu. I do believe that we can learn from those that are successful.


Do you like to Save Money?

ABC has always been your choice for Gas, however at the moment, they are at $4 a gallon. You are a loyal customer, know the owner and appreciate their service, BUT, XYZ right across the street is now charging $3.20 a gallon. What do you do? As a Business Owner, how many decisions do you make everyday where money is involved? How often do you try to save some money? Which brings us to this next thought:


Do I really want Coupon Customers?

People that want to save money are at times given a bad label as a “bottom feeder”. I beg to differ. You and I walk into Chanel looking at beautiful handbags, when all of a sudden, in walks Julia Roberts. Who has the chance of walking out with a discount, or even better, a free bag? So, would a celebrity be considered as a bottom feeder? Coupon Customers are just like every other customer, with one exception, they are just Frugal. They care about their family and their future and they still want to enjoy life during these economic hard times.


I Just Don’t Like Coupons

You reserve the right to your opinion, and we will respect your opinion. In the end, you do know what is best for your business. But we want to leave you with some food for thought. Do you appreciate your Customers? Have you ever given a discount to one of your great repeat customers? Did that put a smile on their face? Did you see them come in a few more times? When you get a customer in your door, would you be willing to give them something to come back in again?


QponABQ is not just about Coupons

Do you have a Happy Hour Special? A Weekly Special? Monthly Special? A 2 for 1 slow day? A customer appreciation special? Do you have some other type of offer or deal that you give, but you just can’t give it in the form of a Coupon? If you can Answer YES to any of these questions, then QponABQ is the perfect fit for you! We are not here to promote Coupons, we are here to promote YOUR BUSINESS and give the consumers a reason to respond.